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Outfitting, Refitting, Maintenance, Boat Building

Outfitting, Refitting, Maintenance, Boat Building

Videos about outfitting for cruising, refitting, maintenance, and boat building projects.

Outfitting, Refitting, Maintenance, Boat Building
  • Brion Toss:Tuning Your Rig

    Legendary master rigger, Brion Toss demystifies the mysteries of sailboat rig tuning.

    Using his friendly and engaging style, Brion bebins with an orientation of wire rope properties that regular sailors can understand. Next, he uses his dynamic bungee rig model to demonstrate basic r...

  • Ocean Research Project: Lab workshop

    This is a short video of our Lab/Workshop on our new research schooner, R/V Marie Tharp. Donate to Ocean Research Project at

  • Ocean Research Project: VIP Cabin

    A short video of the VIP cabin aboard ORP's new research schooner, R/V Marie Tharp. Donate to Ocean Research Project at

  • Ocean Research Project: New Schooner

    3 items

    A video series documenting the outfitting of a steel schooner for Ocean Research Project, a non-profit founded by circumnavigator, Matt Rutherford dedicated to collecting ocean data on pollution, climate change, and dangers to the health of our oceans. Donate to Ocean Research Project at https://...

  • Outfitting the Ideal Cruising Sailboat


    By Sailing Quarterly producers, Rob and Dee Dubin.

    After filming for 6 years and 24 episodes, the Dubins purchased a new bluewater cruising boat, "Ventana" - an Island Packet 40. They outfitted her with many of the gear and customizations featured in the series. In this video, the Dubins giv...

  • 601E: Outfitting Tips for Living Aboard

    With well thoughts out solutions and a keen eye for detail Frank Butler has outfitted his liveaboard boat for trouble free cruising and maximum efficiency. Go on a tour of Frank’s Sparkman & Stephens 47 for great tips on how to make cruising more comfortable and safer. Learn from the experience o...

  • Pardey: Get Ready to Cruise - Offshore Sailing

    Movie + 2 extras

    Join Lin and Larry Pardey as they share ideas and hints to make your boat safer, easier to sail, and more enjoyable to cruise.

    In trailer tip, Larry Pardey describes the bow roller he has attached with large bolts to the hefty bowsprit for handling the side load during anchor retrieval. He poi...

  • Get Ready to Cross Oceans - Offshore Sailing

    Movie + 1 extra

    Join Lin and Larry Pardey on board Taliesin as they demonstrate valuable voyaging and ocean crossing skills.

    In the trailer tip, Larry demonstrates a quick way to deploy a stern anchor for pulling your boat back into deeper water when you run around.

    On board their 29 foot wooden cutter, Ta...

  • Cost Control While You Cruise

    Movie + 5 extras

    What does it actually cost to go cruising? How do you keep from blowing the budget you set? Join Lin and Larry Pardey as they share the financial lessons they have learned during 45 years of voyaging and from countless interviews with cruising sailors from dozens of different countries and walks ...

  • Sail Vicarious Refit / Cruise

    2 seasons

    A 7 part video series by Spencer and Kathleen Bailey divided into two sections: "Year of the Refit" amd "Cruising". CRUISING coming soon.

    Over eight hours of how-to and cruising information. Join Spencer and Kathleen over a multi-year project as they locate the right cruising sailboat, make he...

  • Boat Maintenance DIY with Gary Jobson

    Movie + 9 extras

    A video by Rob Dubin with Gary Jobson
    Boat Maintenance DIY provides Do It Yourself maintenance tips for all boat owners. From Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine.

    Use video segments to interactively explore DIY maintenance tips.

    A Master Collection from the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine. T...

  • Playlist: Sail Repair with Wally Moran

    5 items

    In this 5-part series, sailing writer and charter skipper, Wally Moran tackles his first sail repair project using a Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 sewing machine. Each year, Wally transits the Intracoastal Waterway from Canada to the Bahamas, and sometimes to Cuba (He's a Canadian - he can!) And along...

  • The BIG Sailboat Project

    2 seasons

    A film series by Sandra Sims
    Ten years in the making, The BIG Sailboat Project tracks the gritty effort of two gals as they pursue their dream of building and cruising a 43 foot steel sailboat. Located a 1000 miles from the coast in rural Alberta, Canada, the duo decide on steel as their buildin...

  • Voyages of Entr'acte: The Partnership

    Movie + 1 extra

    A film by Ed and Ellen Zako.
    The Partnership is a story of love and friendship, discovery and improbability. Ellen and Ed Zacko met while playing in the orchestra of a Broadway musical and hatched a scheme to take a temporary brake from the hectic New York scene and explore the world together. T...