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  • Tuning Your Rig with Brion Toss

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    Total running time: 75 minutes

    Legendary Master Rigger, Brion Toss of Port Townsend, Washington gives a thorough introduction to the mysteries of rig tuning.

    Using his friendly and engaging style, Brion bebins with an orientation of wire rope properties that reg...

  • Inspecting Your Rig with Brion Toss

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    Inspecting Your Rig with Brion Toss - spot rigging problems before they cause trouble
    Rigging can be "invisible" - the part of a sailing vessel that many sailors least understand and are least likely to maintain properly.

    Unseen rigging problems can become costly and can certainly jeopardize sa...

  • The REAL DEAL: Larry Pardey - Sailor & Adventurer

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    From the stormy seas of Cape Horn to the wilds of the Sahara Desert, few modern sailors have seen more adventures nor inspired more dreams than Larry Pardey. Sailing more than 200,000 miles and circumnavigating both east-about and west-about in engine-free boats he built himself, co-authoring 12 ...

  • Once Upon an Island: Caribbean Secrets

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    A film by Antoine, French celebrity and world sailor.
    Hosted by French TV celeb, sailor and filmmaker, Antoine, this grand tour of the Caribbean covers 20 cruising destinations that lie off the beaten track. From Marie-Galante to Panama, from Belize to the islands off Venezuela, from the volcanoe...