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Playlist: 2016 ORP Greenland Climate Project

Playlist: 2016 ORP Greenland Climate Project

Following his record-setting, solo nonstop voyage around the Americas, Matt Rutherford formed Ocean Research Project, a nonprofit dedicated to scientific research about the world's oceans. See

This series follows Matt's second research voyage in 2015-2016 along Greenland's northwest coast above the Arctic Circle. Matt and his crew, as part of a 5-year NASA project, collected seawater samples in dangerous, narrow, ice-clogged fjords. These samples helped NASA to detect warm columns of seawater that may be contributing to Greenland's ice pack melt. During the voyage, the crew also dispersed electronic devices to count iceberg calving and trolled for microplastics in Baffin Bay to discover a new plastics gyre in the Arctic sea.

The Arctic is transforming. Gathering data along Greenland's northwest coast will help answer two important questions. One: how does the increase of ice melt relate to the observed sea water composition and thermal signatures in the glacial fjords? Two: will the first comprehensive study of iceberg calving activity reveal new insights in mass ice loss and sea level rise? The 2016 expedition collected data to solve these and other important climate related questions. For more on ORP's contribution to this study, see

For more on Greenland watch Greenland - Frozen Frontier from the PBS series, Expedition.
50m 22s.
Stream free on PBS Video with a PBS Passport accoumt. Available through 02/19/20. Accompany Steve Backshall to Greenland, where he and his team kayak across the world’s largest fjord during the Arctic’s most volatile and dangerous time of year – the spring melt – in an attempt to understand how rising temperatures impact the area.

For more about Matt Rutherford, watch Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story here on SailFlix.
77 min.
This Emmy nominated, Public TV bio doc explores Matt's life and his record-setting solo, nonstop sailing voyage around the Americas via the Northwest Passage and Cape Horn.

Playlist: 2016 ORP Greenland Climate Project
  • 2016 ORP Greenland Climate Project: Phase 1

    Weeks 1 and 2. Matt talks science mission objectives; the sailing research/vessel, Ault is de-winterized in Sisimiut, on Greenland's southwest coast; and the crew prepares to set sail on its data collection mission that will take them well north of the Arctic Circle and into narrow, ice-clogged ...

  • 2016 ORP Greenland Climate Project: Phase 2

    Ault and its crew sail north along Greenland's west coast to Disko Bay. There, they deploy sensors to track glacier calving activity.

  • 2016 ORP Greenland Climate Project: Phase 3

    Ault and its crew collect microplastics data in Baffin Bay off Greenland's east coast. Matt talks about his 2013-2014 microplastics research voyage to the Atlantic Gyre.

  • 2016 ORP Greenland Climate Project: Phase 4

    The R/V Ault sails into Greenland's uncharted Inglefield Fjord, well above the Arctic Circle some 800 miles from the North Pole. Ault is there to collect data for NASA's Ocean Melting Research Program. OMG is a 5-year study researching the health of the Greenland's icecap and its surrounding fjor...

  • 2016 ORP Greenland Climate Project: Matt's Return

    At the end of October 2016, Matt Rutherford returned to his homeport in Annapolis, Maryland from his 2016 Greenland Climate Project. Matt and his crew spent most of the 100 plus day voyage well above the Arctic circle. Sailing up and down Greenland's west coast, they collected a wealth of scienti...