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Latitudes & Attitudes: Boat Reviews

Latitudes & Attitudes: Boat Reviews

2 Seasons

Latitudes & Attitudes TV's, Bob Bitchin reviews capable cruising boats both new and classic. Bob provides a walk-through of each vessel then heads off for a test sail. Bob produced these reviews between 2004 and 2008. The then "new" boats are now ten years old plus. After one or two owners, used models could offer the value you are looking for in your new good old boat.We will be adding more boat reviews from seasons 1 through 4 to this series.

Watch all 65 full episodes of the iconic TV sailing magazine, Latitudes & Attitudes TV right here on Sailflix...

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Latitudes & Attitudes: Boat Reviews
  • Tartan 4400 Review - LATV

    Episode 1

    Latitudes & Attitudes TV's Bob Bitchin reviews the Tartan 440. This model has power winches and and a lot of top draw features that make her very comfortable to live aboard and easily handled by a crew of two. Bob's test sail took place on San Francisco Bay. The boat quickly accelerated to 8 knot...

  • Sabre 426 Review - LATV

    Episode 2

    Latitudes & Attitudes TV's Bob Bitchin, reviews the Sabre 426 Another high end cruising boat on San Francisco Bay. Below, a plush roomy interior making living aboard a pleasure. Above, power winches makes light work out of raising the fully battened mainsail and trimming the headsail. In 20 knots...

  • Tayana 37 Review - LATV

    Episode 3

    Latitudes & Attitudes does a video shoot dockside aboard a classic plastic, Bob Perry Designed Tayana 37 to the music of Eric Stone.

    Here's a short video showing S/V Kalliope sailing from Bellingham to Seattle, Washington the day after the tsunami. The first shot says it all.

  • Island Packet 420 Review - LATV

    Episode 4

    Latitudes & Attitudes TV's Bob Bitchin, reviews the Island Packet 420 cutter. IPs have a reputation of being world class cruising boats. When introduced in the mid 2000s, the IP 420 delivered bluewater capability with creature comforts and ease of handling for a crew of two. (LATV-S1:05)

    This re...

  • Hans Christian 43 Review - LATV

    Episode 5

    Latitudes & Attitudes does a dockside video shoot aboard a classic plastic Hans Christian 43 to the music of Eric Stone.

    Here's a short video showing aerial footage of a Hans Christian 43 sailing under spinnaker along the southern California coast.
    Another dockside t...

  • C&C 99 Review - LATV

    Episode 6

    Latitudes & Attitudes TV's, Bob Bitchin reviews the 32 foot C&C 99 racer/cruiser in Vancouver, Canada. Very fast and surprisingly well fitted out below with a cherry wood interior. By the way, new boats came with a 15 year warranty, so previous owners should have had no excuse to repair any probl...

  • Hunter 38 Review - LATV

  • Jolly Bear 50 Wooden Custom Cruiser Review - LATV

    Episode 8

    Latitudes & Attitudes reviews Jolly Bear, a 50 foot custom wooden pilothouse ketch launched in 1996. This review will give you a good understanding of what such large wooden vessels offer in terms of livability below. But of course that comes with the price of big wooden boat maintenance.

    This r...

  • Saga 409 Review - LATV

    Episode 9

    Latitudes & Attitudes TV's, Bob Bitchin travels to the Bahamas to review a new Saga 409. Saga yachts are known for their outstanding sailing capabilities combined with luxurious interiors. The 409 does not disappoint.

    Here's a 2017 review by Tom Dove for SAIL Magazine. "If you want to see a dram...

  • Gulf 40 Custom Cruiser Review - LATV


    Latitudes & Attitudes travels to Seattle, Washington to review "Rukh," a William Garden designed custom built Gulf 40 launched in 1976. Over built for passages to Alaska, Rukh features uncluttered decks, a low profile pilothouse for bad weather, and a snug, deep open cockpit for sunnier days.