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Videos about chartering in different sailing grounds.

  • Sailvation: Sailboat Charter Briefing

    Movie + 1 extra

    A Video by Incila Oezmert
    Sailvation Sailboat Charter Briefing walks you through a typical charter boat hand-over. The video is not designed to replace your live hand-over, but with the information it provides, you'll be better equipped to understand the hand-over process, ask more detailed ques...

  • Paradise Found: Sailing the BVI

    1 season

    Sailing and chartering in the British Virgin Islands. The BVIs are one of the world's most attractive sailing grounds. It offers protected waters among plush islands that include both cozy villages, restaurants, and outstanding tourist facilities, and locales with remote anchorages delivering pri...

  • Friends of BVI Brunch - Sailing Report

    Friends of BVI Brunch - 2018 U.S. Sailboat Show. This October 2018 video reports on the state of sailing in the British Virgin Islands post hurricane destruction.

    Considering a charter or voyage to the British Virgin Islands, but not sure if the BVI has fully recovered from the horrendous hurr...

  • Cruising the Galapagos Islands

    Join a Cruising World Magazine crewed charter to the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador’s Pacific coast. Named the Enchanted Islands by early Spanish explorers, in modern times, the Galapagos remain a unique habitat that is home to species found nowhere else in the world. Administered by Ecuador, the...

  • Tahiti and Bora Bora with Hal and Margaret Roth

    TAHITI AND BORA BORA with Hal and Margaret Roth.
    Twenty years on in the late 1980s, sailor authors and filmmakers, Hal and Margaret Roth reprise their 1960s cruise to Tahiti and the Leewards for Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine. Their sixties cruise was part of a circumnavigation of the Pacific ...

  • Cruising the Kingdom of Tonga

    Join a bareboat charter cruise in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga, the only South Pacific country not colonized by europeans. Situated northeast of New Zealand and east of Fiji, Tonga consists of four major groups of islands, most unpopulated. During this charter, two couples sail a 39 foot Be...

  • Cruising New Zealand's Bay of Islands

    Join a 5-day bareboat charter cruise through New Zealand’s popular Bay of Islands. Located towards the top of New Zealand’s North Island, cruisers have over 150 islands to explore. Sailing conditions are usually excellent with little swell and sea breezes u...

  • Norway: Skagerrak Sea

    Midnight sun and Norwegian fjords provide a striking backdrop for a charter vacation along the Skagerrak Sea. (D2Z)

  • Ireland: Celtic Sea

    Legendary skipper, Don Street sails to the Fastnet Rock at the tip of the Celtic Sea and turning mark for the famound race. We then join Don on a cruise along the beautiful southwest coast of the Emerald Isle with local stops and pub crawls. (D2Z)

    For 57 years, Don sailed Iolair...

  • Greek Islands: Aegean Sea

    Join a Cruising World Magazine flotilla charter through the Greek Islands and the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea. (D2Z)

  • Yugoslavia: Dalmatian Coast

    There was a time when the Baltic States were a model of multiculturalism with Orthodox Christians and Muslims living side-by-side. Communist but with a high degree of independence, Yugoslavia enjoyed peace and stability. Bordering the beautiful Adriatic Sea, Sunsail established a charter destinat...

  • Turkey's Western Coast

    A crewed charter explores Turkey's ancient coastline and its numerous Greek and Roman ruins. (D2Z)