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Seven Season Cruising Association 2023

Seven Season Cruising Association 2023

2 Episodes

Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA.ORG) provides valuable support and fellowship to current, future and former cruisers. Our members voyage by boat or aspire to do so; respect and value the environment, the cultures we visit, and each other. We are better together and support each other in living the dream. We enable and sustain those pursuing the cruising lifestyle through education, fellowship, and fun. Facilitate camaraderie among you and fellow cruisers.

SSCA provides indispensable information about cruising life and current events, and deliver it to its members electronically and in-person. SSCA helps you achieve the dream by providing global, on-the-water cruising support. Membership gets you members-only exclusive access to a sea of knowledge provided by members at home and aboard on our website and via email.

Gams (n.): social visit or friendly interchange, especially between sailors or seafarers.
Some are small and informal, while some include cruising seminars and vendors. Gain vital knowledge and camaraderie at one of our gams around the world!

Cruisers' Bulletin
Monthly newsletters are always available online and Bulletins keep you updated on fellow members and the activities of the Board and Home Base.

Seven Seas U
SSCA can help you learn the skills and acquire the knowledge that you need to be a successful cruiser. At Seven Seas U, you can take courses online--no matter where you live or cruise. All you need is the Internet! SSCA members receive a discount on every Seven Seas U course or even attend free.

Cruising Station Hosts
These hosts provide valuable information and a warm greeting. SSCA membership gives you access to cruising stations and port guides (information about ports available on our website or through cruising station hosts) around the world to make your cruising a little more easy and friendly!

KPK Radio Voice Service
SSCA's radio voice service provides invaluable support to cruisers by passing emergency and priority traffic, as well as traffic related to safety and security, providing current news updates of interest to cruisers from such sources as the Caribbean Safety and Security Net and other networks, and various cruising-related Facebook sites, and providing any vessels needing assistance with land-based resources.

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Seven Season Cruising Association 2023
  • SSCA NOAA Charts Update Webinar

    Episode 2

    This is a SSBA.ORG public service webinar produced by the Seven Seas Cruising Association to inform boaters about the major changes now taking place with NOAA charts. NOAA is ending its support of traditional raster paper charts and transitioning to digital vector charts.

    The webinar also covers...


    SSCA Membership Coordinator | Published on 12/11/2022
    Join John Kretschmer live from the Canary Islands as he presents "The Viking Route," his Northern Atlantic voyage taken during summer 2022. Learn about the stops/ports the Vikings took on John's saili...