Playlist: Pardey Offshore Sailing

Playlist: Pardey Offshore Sailing

The Playlist includes all four of Lin and Larry Pardey's Offshore Sailing videos - a timeless, classic collection of films about the skills required to become a safe and confident blue water sailor. Plus Cruising Has No Limits - three Pardey cruising adventures.


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Lin and Larry are among America's (and the world's) most knowledgeable and recognized cruising sailors. They are known as "America's first couple of cruising." See the Lin & Larry Pardey Category for the full list of Pardey titles including interviews and other videos from their long and celebrated sailing career.

Together, the Pardeys have sailed over 200,000 miles, including two circumnavigations east to west and west to east aboard self-built, wooden, engine-free cutters under 30 feet. Author of a dozen books, countless magazine articles, and co-creators of five cruising documentaries, Lin and Larry have shared their sailing experiences with tens of thousands around the globe prompting many to take up the sport and live the dream of the cruising lifestyle. They have preached their motto of "Go simple, go modest, go small--just go".

Pardey Offshore Sailing DVDs are available through TheSailingChannel.TV. Subscribers receive a 20% discount. See the Private Forum for discount codes.

Playlist: Pardey Offshore Sailing
  • Get Ready to Cruise with Lin & Larry Pardey

    Join Lin and Larry Pardey at their home base in New Zealand as they share ideas and hints to make your boat safer, easier to handle, and more enjoyable to use.

    On board their 29 foot wooden cutter, Taleisin-the boat that has been their home for over 100,000 miles of voyaging – they demonstrate...

  • Get Ready to Cross Oceans with Lin & Larry Pardey

    Join Lin and Larry Pardey on board Taliesin as they demonstrate valuable voyaging and ocean crossing skills.

    In this tip, Larry demonstrates a quick way to deploy a stern anchor for pulling your boat back into deeper water when you run around.

    On board their 29 foot wooden cutter, Taliesin ...

  • Storm Tactics with Lin & Larry Pardey

    Lin and Larry Pardey's 84-minute video, Storm Tactics: Cape Horn Tested, demonstrates the skills you need to weather offshore storms with confidence. It's the next best thing to having Lin and Larry Pardey onboard, coaching you on storm tactics as the seas build and the rigging howls.

    Storm Ta...

  • Pardey: Cost Control While You Cruise - Offshore Sailing

    What does it actually cost to go cruising? How do you keep from blowing the budget you set? Join Lin and Larry Pardey as they share the financial lessons they have learned during 45 years of voyaging and from countless interviews with cruising sailors from dozens of different countries and walks ...

  • Cruising Has No Limits with Lin & Larry Pardey

    Join Lin and Larry Pardey at their New Zealand home base as they recount some of their most memorable adventures during more than 30 years of cruising. Adventures include a "Champagne Safari on a beer budget" in southern Africa, a Brazilian island encounter, and an Irish summer of music and class...