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Paradise Found: Sailing the BVI

Paradise Found: Sailing the BVI

12 Episodes

Sailing and chartering in the British Virgin Islands. The BVIs are one of the world's most attractive sailing grounds. It offers protected waters among plush islands that include both cozy villages, restaurants, and outstanding tourist facilities, and locales with remote anchorages delivering privacy an unmatched connection with nature.

Early mariners from Venezuela were the first to visit the BVIs around the year 900 AD. Chris Columbus came ashore on his second voyage in 1493. In the seventeenth century, Pirates found safe haven in the BVI's many hidden coves. The Spanish and Dutch were the first Europeans to occupy the BVI followed by the British who exported sugar, molasses and rum. Today, the locals still fish and farm, but also participate in the new vacation economy.

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Paradise Found: Sailing the BVI
  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 1 - The Contest

    Episode 1

    EPISODE 1. Meet the Sunsail contest winners through highlights from their entries -- home videos showing their desire to sail once again in the magic waters of the BVI. Then join the couples during their dockside briefing by a Sunsail Sailing Master.

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 2 - Casting Off

    Episode 2

    EPISODE 2. Our family and our two couples cast off for their first sail across the waters of the BVI. The Flanders find their catamaran, a Lagoon 470, to be a stable platform for family cruising. Meanwhile, aboard their Oceanis 393, the Morrisons and Rigglers enjoy a spirited sail from Tortola to...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 3 - A Fish Story

    Episode 3

    EPISODE 3. The Flanders family enjoys their first day aboard a Lagoon 470 catamaran and Richard has a fish story to tell. Ashore, family members share their thoughts about a very special and memorable family vacation in the making.

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 4 - Bitter End

    Episode 4

    EPISODE 4. The Morrisons and Rigglers pay a port call to the famous Bitter End Yacht Club located on the northern tip of Virgin Gorda. This is the last bit of land vessels see when they head back out into the Atlantic, thus the name, "bitter end."

    The Bitter End has a full complement of water ac...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 5 - Nature's Little Secrets

    Episode 5

    EPISODE 5. The Morrisons and Rigglers visit Jost VanDyke and take in some laid back BVI shopping and culture. "No shoes, no shirt, no problem" reads one inviting sign at a local shop. For the inquisitive visitor, the BVI lives up to its motto: Nature's Little Secrets."

    Early mariners from Venez...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 6 - The Baths

    Episode 6

    EPISODE 6. The Flanders family pays a visit to The Baths on Virgin Gorda's southernmost tip. The Baths is the BVI's most engaging natural geologic attraction. The Baths consists of building-size boulders that create a series of grottos and pools. Inside its passageways you can almost hear pirates...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 7 - Baths to Anegada

    Episode 7

    EPISODE 7. The Morrisons and Rigglers take a group jump into the sea at The Baths. Then they continue their BVI cruise with a sail to the "drowned" island of Anegada. "Anegada" means drowned land. Its highest point is only 28 feet and much of the island's interior consists of salt ponds. But at t...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 8 - Anegada Getaway

    Episode 8

    EPISODE 8. The Morrisons and Rigglers safely negotiate the channel through the barrier reef into Anegada's harbor. There they find a secluded atoll with pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, and some of the best dining in the BVI. Anegada's population is just over 200. The island is also home to the...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 9 - Exploring by Kayak

    Episode 9

    EPISODE 9. Our cruisers continue to explore the BVI. The Flanders family strolls an isolated beach then Rich takes his son kayaking across a tranquil cove and into a water-filled cave.

    After the couple's boat anchors, Greg points his kayak into the surf, steering it though some heavy waves for ...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 10 - Jost Van Dyke

    Episode 10

    EPISODE 10. The Riglers and Morrisons anchor around the corner from White Bay at Jost Van Dyke--known as the "barefoot" island for its casual lifestyle. They launch the dingy and head to shore to visit local beach bars and shops. After a few relaxing hours kicking back and doing nothing, our cou...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 11 - Green Key and the Indians

    Episode 11

    EPISODE 11. All of our cruisers come together. They pay a visit to Green Key off of Little Jost Van Dyke. During a stroll down the beach, there are a lot of stories to share. The Indians offer our cruisers a chance to swim amongst a wide variety of tropical fish and brilliantly colored corals. It...

  • Sunsail BVI: Ep. 12 - Million Dollar View

    Episode 12

    In this final episode, our cruisers hike up a hill behind the bite on Norman Island. A million dollar view of the BVI awaits. The south side of Norman Island provides an ocean-scape as our cruisers comment on a magnificent cruising vacation with our film's producer, Gary Jobson. With their boats ...