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Latitudes & Attitudes TV

Latitudes & Attitudes TV

5 Seasons

TheSailingChannel.TV brings you seasons 1 through 5, sixty-five 22-minute episodes - nearly 24 hours in all. Bob Bitchin's co-hosts include Courtney Haas and Zuzana Prochazka.

Latitudes & Attitudes TV made history with its 5-year run as the first half-hour sailing series on national cable television.

Feature stories take you to international sailing destinations throughout the South Pacific, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and United States. The magazine-style program includes gear reviews from prominent Sailboat Shows, sailboat reviews, and special sailing events. Each episode contains photos from Lats & Atts cruising fans set to the music of Eric Stone, and a wrap-up with some salty comments with Bob Bitchin's "Attitudes".

The series includes seasons 1 through 5: sixty-five 22-minute episodes - nearly 24 hours of viewing in all.

NOTE: In 2019, Bob Bitchin reclaimed rights to the trade name “Latitudes & Attitudes” (lost during a business dispute some years back.) His current magazine, Cruising Outpost has reverted to its original name: Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine – the best selling nautical publication on U.S. newsstands and in marine stores.

NOTE: In 2021, Bob sold Latitudes and Attitudes to Kylemedia that operates the Marine Ad Network and Great Lakes Scuttlebutt. Bob will continue in an emeritus status and attend boat shows and other events representing Latitudes & Attitudes.

Latitudes & Attitudes TV
  • LATV S5:58, Season 5 Trailer (long)

    Episode 1

    Now in HD! The amazing New Zealand Share the Sail adventure concludes, starting with a tour of Mansion House Bay. Then it’s on to the highlight of the trip – a barbeque for the entire flotilla hosted at their home by Lin and Larry Pardey. The trip ends with wet and wild motorsail into 30-knot win...

  • LATV 5:53, New Zealand Part 1

    Episode 2

    Hosts Bob Bitchin and Zuzana Prochazka introduce the first Lats & Atts episode in HD. Features the New Zealand Share the Sail adventure and International Cruiser’s Party in Auckland, the Wallas heater/cookstove, and a review of the Dana 24. New weekly segments include a “Sailing Made Easy” tip by...

  • LATV 5:54, New Zealand Part 2

    Episode 3

    Join Bob, Jody, and crew as the Moorings Share the Sail flotilla heads out into the Hauraki Gulf, where they celebrate Bob’s birthday at anchor. Later, the flotilla sails across the gulf in strong winds to take refuge in Elephant Bay on Happy Jack Island. Meanwhile, Manson Anchors were “Found at ...

  • LATV 5:55, New Zealand Part 3

    Episode 4

    The New Zealand Share the Sail gang sets sail on the Hauraki Gulf for Great Barrier Island, where they relax in the beautiful, protected comfort of Port Fitzroy. Later, they make way for Kawau Island and the fun, down-to-Earth Kawau Island Yacht Club. The patented V-Lock was “Found at the Boat Sh...

  • LATV 5:56, New Zealand Part 4

    Episode 5

    The amazing New Zealand Share the Sail adventure concludes, starting with a tour of Mansion House Bay. Then it’s on to the highlight of the trip – a barbecue for the entire flotilla hosted at their home by Lin and Larry Pardey. The trip ends with wet and wild motorsail into 30-knot winds, and a g...

  • LATV 5:57, Chicago-Mackinac Part 1

    Episode 6

    Now in HD! The Chicago-Mackinac race is the oldest freshwater sailboat race in the world. And at 330 miles, it’s also one of the longest. We’ll get to know four of the skippers competing in the 100th running of the famous race. CopperCoat, a new bottom coating, was “Found at the Boat Show”. And w...

  • LATV 5:58, British Virgin Islands Part 1

    Episode 7

    Now in HD! The British Virgin Islands are known as “The Sailing Capital of the World”. Join 40 Lats & Atts fans on the BVI Share the Sail as they visit the raucous “Willy T” and relax at the Cooper Island Beach Club. We’ll demo the WinchRite, a cordless electric winch handle and winner of the 201...

  • LATV 5:59, British Virgin Islands Part 2

    Episode 8

    The BVI Share the Sail gang departs Cooper Island in a tropical storm as they head for the Bitter End Yacht Club. The following day we’ll sail with the “Alaska Boat” as the Sunsail flotilla anchors in Great Harbor on Jost van Dyke. We’ll demonstrate a revolutionary hybrid solar/battery flashlight...

  • LATV 5:60, British Virgin Islands Part 3

    Episode 9

    Our Share the Sail adventure in the BVI concludes with a Texas-style barbecue; a real cheeseburger in paradise; a rum quest; and an International Cruiser’s Party at Pusser’s Marina Cay. At the boat show, Bob found the Snake Mate camera system from Doyle Marine. Also includes the weekly “Sailing M...

  • LATV 5:61, Tall Ships/Chicago-Mackinac Part 2

    Episode 10

    The Lats and Atts crew visits the Chicago Tall Ships Challenge featuring 20 majestic tall ships from around the world. Then we rejoin the 100th running of the famous Chicago-Mackinac race with another segment of the America Sailors documentary. At the boat show, Bob checks out a solution for leak...

  • LATV 5:62: Croatia

    Episode 11

    This week, Share the Sail shoves off for the beautiful and historic coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. On San Francisco Bay, we do a test sail aboard Island Packet’s innovative Estero. At the Miami International Boat Show, Bob discovers Smart Plug, the first real improvement in shore power tec...

  • LATV 5:63, Tonga Part 1

    Episode 12

    Latitudes & Attitudes casts off on a Share the Cruise from The Moorings base in the exotic Kingdom of Tonga, the only South Pacific island nation never ruled by Europeans. In part one, the crews explore the main island of Tongatapu then sail to the remote island group of Vava’u. Next, Bob checks ...

  • LATV 5:64: Tonga Part 2

    Episode 13

    The Share the Sail cruise continues to explore exotic anchorages in the Kingdom of Tonga. The crews then go ashore for a go-cart safari following dirt trails to the top of a remote island for a spectacular view of the surrounding ocean then continue their sail to more paradise-on-earth locations ...

  • LATV 5:65: Tonga Part 3

    Episode 14

    The Share the Sail cruise completes its visit to the exotic Kingdom of Tonga, checking out several resorts on this Pacific island paradise. At the Miami Strictly Sail Boat Show, Bob reviews a satellite weather service. This week's Sailing Made Easy tip from the American Sailing Association explai...