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Latitudes & Attitudes TV

Latitudes & Attitudes TV

5 Seasons

TheSailingChannel.TV brings you seasons 1 through 5, sixty-five 22-minute episodes - nearly 24 hours in all. Bob Bitchin's co-hosts include Courtney Haas and Zuzana Prochazka.

Latitudes & Attitudes TV made history with its 5-year run as the first half-hour sailing series on national cable television.

Feature stories take you to international sailing destinations throughout the South Pacific, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and United States. The magazine-style program includes gear reviews from prominent Sailboat Shows, sailboat reviews, and special sailing events. Each episode contains photos from Lats & Atts cruising fans set to the music of Eric Stone, and a wrap-up with some salty comments with Bob Bitchin's "Attitudes".

The series includes seasons 1 through 5: sixty-five 22-minute episodes - nearly 24 hours of viewing in all.

NOTE: In 2019, Bob Bitchin reclaimed rights to the trade name “Latitudes & Attitudes” (lost during a business dispute some years back.) His current magazine, Cruising Outpost has reverted to its original name: Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine – the best selling nautical publication on U.S. newsstands and in marine stores.

NOTE: In 2021, Bob sold Latitudes and Attitudes to Kylemedia that operates the Marine Ad Network and Great Lakes Scuttlebutt. Bob will continue in an emeritus status and attend boat shows and other events representing Latitudes & Attitudes.

Latitudes & Attitudes TV
  • LATV S1:01 Series Premiere Episode

    Episode 1

    The premiere episode of Latitudes & Attitudes TV, Bob Bitchin's groundbreaking sailing magazine TV series which was broadcast on various U.S. cable channels from 2004 through 2008.

    In Season 1, Episode 1, meet hosts, Bob Bitchin and Courtney Haas sailing aboard s/v Saga in the Pacific Ocean. ...

  • LATV S1:02 Miami Boat Show - Part 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 2 originates from the exhibitors tent at the 2005 Miami Boat Show. Feature segments include Discover Sailing, “Distant Shores - Gibraltar”, “Jabula’s Downwind Panama Sail”, Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang, a review of the Leisurefurl In-boom Furler, a musical tour of “The Lost Soul”, ...

  • LATV S1:03 Miami Boat Show - Part 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 3 continues from the in-the-water sailboat section at the 2005 Miami Boat Show. Feature segments include the “Kalmar Nyckal”, “Austin’s Adventures – Heading for Cabo”, Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang, boat show reviews of Clamptite and the new Sabre 426, and a finale of Bob’s “Attitud...

  • LATV S1:04 Tall Ship Unicorn

    Episode 4

    In Episode 4, sail aboard the Tall Ship Unicorn in the Gulf of Mexico. Other feature segments include “Distant Shores – Balearic Islands”, “My Month in Ziuat”, Cruising Tips with Captain Jack Klang, reviews of the Eco Blast and the classic plastic Tayana 37, and a finale of Bob’s “Attitudes”.

  • LATV S1:05 Dry Tortugas

    Episode 5

    Episode 5 takes us to Ft. Jefferson, a Union Army civil war installation located in the Dry Tortugas National Park off the southwest tip of Florida. Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, the doctor who treated Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was imprisoned here.

    Feature episodes include “Project ...

  • LATV S1:06 Key West

    Episode 6

    For Episode 6, the Lats & Atts TV crew visits Key West, Florida. Feature segments include “Project Bluesphere – The Search”, “Austin’s Adventures – Ocean Crossing”, Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang, reviews of TropiKool, a classic plastic Hans Christian 43, and a finale of Bob’s “Attitudes”.

  • LATV S1:07 Antiques of the Sea

    Episode 7

    The Lats & Atts TV crew broadcasts from a nautical antique shop in Sunset Beach, California. Feature segments include “Distant Shores – After the Storm”, “Whales off P.V.”, Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang, a tour of the Pirate Soul Museum in Key West, FL, and a finale of Bob’s “Attitudes”.

  • LATV S1:08 Pier 39 San Francisco

    Episode 8

    For Episode 8, the Lats & Atts TV crew takes you to the Embarcadero in San Francisco, California. They say if you can sail on the San Francisco Bay, with its strong winds and currents, you can sail anywhere. Feature segments include “Tangier Island” on the Chesapeake Bay, “Topping off Tanks”, Cru...

  • LATV S1:09 Lats & Atts Booth & Bash Oakland, CA

    Episode 9

    For Episode 9, the Lats & Atts TV crew takes us to Jack London Square in Oakland, California. Named after the famous adventurer and author,

    Feature segments include “Project Bluesphere – Refitting Namaste”, “Austin’s Adventures - Tahiti”, Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang, World of Boating ...

  • LATV S1:10 South Beach, Miami FL

    Episode 10

    Episode 10 takes you to South Beach, the hottest spot in Miami, Florida. Feature segments include “Huatulco, Mexico”, “s/v Pacific Bliss”, Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang, a boat review of the custom cruiser: s/v Jolly Bear, and Bob’s “Attitudes”.

  • LATV S1:11 Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne, FL

    Episode 11

    Episode 11 takes you to Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne, just south of Miami, FL, a favorite jumping off point for cruising to the Bahamas. Feature segments include “Distant Shores – Cuitadella to Mahon”, “Columbia River Gorge”, Cruising Tips with Capt. Jack Klang, a product review of Mast Mate, a...

  • LATV S1:12 Maritime Institute San Diego, CA

    Episode 12

    In Episode 12, the Lats & Atts crew takes you to the Maritime Institute in San Diego, California - a great place to get nautical training and earn a captain's license that will allow you to charter your own vessel. Feature segments include “Project Bluesphere – Relaunching Namaste”, “Anchoring wi...

  • LATV S1:13 Fiji

    Episode 13

    For this premier season's final episode, Latitudes & Attitudes TV makes a quick stop in Fiji on the way to cruising in Tonga (See stories in Season Two). This episodes feature segments include “Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival”, “Austin’s Adventures - Tahiti”, a product review of EZ Docker, a f...