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Latitudes & Attitudes: Boat Reviews

Latitudes & Attitudes: Boat Reviews

2 Seasons

Latitudes & Attitudes TV's, Bob Bitchin reviews capable cruising boats both new and classic. Bob provides a walk-through of each vessel then heads off for a test sail. Bob produced these reviews between 2004 and 2008. The then "new" boats are now ten years old plus. After one or two owners, used models could offer the value you are looking for in your new good old boat.We will be adding more boat reviews from seasons 1 through 4 to this series.

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Latitudes & Attitudes: Boat Reviews
  • Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Review - LATV

    Episode 1

    Bob Bitchin, Latitudes & Attitudes TV, reviews the Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 pocket cruiser. Go small, go now. After a long production run, the DANA was put on hold for a few years. When Bob did his review, new hulls were again coming off the Seacraft Yachts production line in Seattle, WA. Designe...

  • Island Packet SP Cruiser Review - LATV

    Episode 2

    Back in the late 2000's, Island Packet added a pilothouse cutter to its bluewater cruising fleet. Latitudes & Attitudes TV's Bob Bitchin takes us aboard for a walk-through and test sail. (LATV S5:57)

    In 2015 IP updated the SP Cruiser with a Mark II version. Here's a review from SAIL magazine... ...

  • Island Packet Estero Review - LATV

    Episode 3

    Latitudes & Attitudes TV's Bob Bitchin reviews the 36 foot Island Packet Estero, a bluewater cruising boat with a unique open interior design eliminating the traditional forward bulkhead separating the v-birth. Instead, the area is open as serves as the main saloon with a large wrap-around settee...