Storytelling for Sailors - TEASERS

Storytelling for Sailors - TEASERS

Presented by Lin Pardey and Friends
Running time: 8+ hours
The series includes everything from Lin's all-day Cruisers University seminar plus video interviews with several media experts. Special bonus - a preview of Lin's next book with editors notations.

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In this series, Lin Pardey and her special guests share tips and ideas on what nautical readers and viewers want to know and publishers want to see. You’ll learn ways to ensure your photos, diagrams and video footage add information to your stories and attract attention. For those interested in selling articles to print and online magazines, you will learn how to:

- get noticed by editors
- ways to present work that sells
- ideas for expanding your markets

Special guest authors and editors cover book creation and publishing, including the realities of self-publishing vs traditional publishing. Media experts discuss long and short form video production, distribution, and how to keep viewers watching your YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Lin and her guests give you a clear picture of what returns you can expect - along with the pitfalls and the practicalities of adding writing, blogging, photography and video making to your cruising life. Lin interviews several sailors who are successfully earning cruising funds with blogs, books, YouTube channels and podcasts. These video discussions add in-depth information on these specialized fields.

Storytelling for Sailors - TEASERS
  • TEASER: Paul & Sheryl Shard - TV Broadcast, YouTube, Video Tips

    TEASER. Lin Pardey interviews Paul and Sheryl Shard of Distant Shores TV for her Storytelling for Sailors seminar. The Shards talk about their video-making career and discuss the differences between broadcast and YouTube production. They also provide tips for shooting sailing videos.

  • TEASER: Eric Epstein - Drones

    Lin Pardey introduces drones as part of her Storytelling for Sailors series. Professional videographer, Eric Epstein discusses how to use drones and techniques that will enable you to capture unique video perspectives for your storytelling.

  • TEASER Expedition Evans: YouTubers Jade & Brett

    YouTubers, Jade and Brett of Expedition Evans talk about their YouTuber experience for Lin Pardey's Storytelling for Sailors series.

  • TEASER: Sponsorship - Lin Pardey

    Lin Pardey discusses the pros and cons of accepting sponsorships for your writing or video-making as part of her Storytelling for Sailors seminar series.